“The first step towards getting somewhere is deciding not to stay where you are.”

~ JP Morgan

Online mentoring sessions are available in all shapes and sizes!  My sessions are flexible and customized to meet your needs as a photographer, with the goal to focus on the areas where you strive for improvement.  Here are a few options to get you started in planning your mentoring session:

Ask Me Anything $100

I believe strongly in community over competition and truly enjoy encouraging other photographers by answering questions, sharing information, celebrating accomplishments, and just getting to know each other better!  During our one hour online chat, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything you’d like to know about how to be the photographer that you’ve always dreamed of!

Image Review $100

Submit 10 images for an in-depth recorded video review of each image.  Images will be reviewed on technical strengths including exposure, white balance, composition, use of light, and post processing.  Recommendations will be made to help improve the specific image and also create an improved image in the future.  Reviews average 30 minutes in length.

General Portfolio Review $200

Submit your complete portfolio (200 images max) for a recorded video review.  The collection will be discussed as a whole, with occasional specific recommendations on particular images.  Suggestions and recommendations will be made on overall image strength and quality, portfolio flow, and other topics as needed.  Review lengths vary based on the number of images submitted, but average one hour in length.

Guided Portfolio Building and Review $300

I will help you put together a portfolio of your strongest images and together we will determine a course of action for getting you to the next step in your photography.  After an online chat, assignments will be given based on your goals.  This guided workshop will take place in a private Facebook group over the course of two weeks.

Lightroom Mentoring $75

Through a recorded video, I will demonstrate how to get the most out of your photographs in Lightroom.  You will be sent the image file to follow along on your own as you watch me edit in Lightroom.  *This video will cover photo editing in Lightroom.  You should understand the basics of Lightroom including, importing and exporting images.  This is not a complete Lightroom workshop.

Website Review $100

Submit your website for a one hour recorded video review.  Your website will be evaluated for appearance, consistency, user experience, and over all ease of use.  Recommendations will be made on ways to improve your site and grow your online audience.